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Hi! I’m Dawn-Renée. I’m a writer, editor, creative consultant and coach.

I want to begin by thanking you for visiting my website today. I hope you find it helpful and what you’ve been looking for! The purpose of this website is two-fold: To offer my writing, editing, and creative consulting services to small- to medium-sized businesses in need of content and creative business solutions, and to help individuals fulfill their creative passions and live a more positive life.

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After working nearly 20 years in the corporate world in various administrative and management positions, I finally had the chance in 2011 to chase (and fulfill) my dream of a writing career. 

As a creative free spirit, being chained to a desk doing work that wasn’t meaningful or fulfilling was not my ideal situation (i.e. answering phones, filing, data entry, etc.)

But, having a family and bills to pay meant doing something I thought I was supposed to do and what society said I should do. I never imagined I’d have the chance to do what I was meant to do.

I was basically born with a pen and paper in my hand and never feel complete without them. Ever since I was old enough to even know what I wanted to be, I’ve always been a writer with a major passion for words. (There’s actually a word for it – logophile!)

Now, I enjoy a fulfilling, rewarding career coaching people to reach their creative potential and a life of purpose while also consulting creatively with businesses and developing content for magazines, web designers, marketing agencies and other small- to medium-sized businesses. Some of the companies I currently work with are GETAWAY San Diego, GETAWAY Reno/Tahoe, and Lennis Design

During my work with GETAWAY Reno/Tahoe, I earned the prestigious American Advertising Award (also known as the ADDY Award) in 2016 as the copy editor for the Summer 2015 issue, Burning Man Fashions article (pgs 44-47).

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I have hundreds of published articles online and in print. My first published poem was printed in the March 2012 issue of Piney Woods Live magazine, of which I also was a contributing writer between May 2012 and August 2013.

I’m currently writing my first book, and also journal and write poetry, yoga, meditate, crochet, paint abstracts, dabble in digital photography and spend time with my hubby and three grandchildren. 

My passion is writing, but I also have a love for helping others, living a balanced life, reading everything I can get my hands on about spirituality, parapsychology, ancient history, positive living, writing, marketing and more. (I’m never at a loss for something fun and interesting to do, as you can see!)

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Love and Light,