Your business has a story to tell.

Your business has a story to tell.Your readers and potential clients need to connect with you and your story if they’re going to give up their time, and most importantly, their money.

But maybe you’re not a great writer or you absolutely hate writing.

Maybe you’re not getting the website and social media traffic you want or responses to your print ads.

Maybe you know your brand needs consistency across all forms of media — website, social media profiles, print materials, etc. — but you don’t know how or have the time to deal with it.

And lastly, you’re losing clients or not getting new ones and have no idea why or what to do to fix it.

I can help. 

Whether you just need someone to consult with on the best ways to improve your brand’s message, look, and feel, or you need help writing and crafting compelling content for your online presence and print materials, I can help you achieve success.

copy editing servicesAs a 2015 American Advertising Award winning copy editor, a successful writer, and creative consultant, I work with businesses like yours to help you look and sound good online and in print.

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