Getaway San Diego – Sharon Wright, San Diego, CA

I have worked with Dawn-Renée for almost a year now [since January 2016]. She has a high standard of professionalism in everything that she does. Dawn-Renée is an excellent, experienced Editor-in-Chief who successfully leads a [...]

Getaway Reno / Tahoe – Todd Poth, Reno / Tahoe, NV

I have been working with Dawn-Renée since January 2012. She has been an integral part of the success of my business. I have been impressed over and over again with her ability to meet deadlines, [...]

Lennis Design – Robert Brown, Hallsville, TX

"Working with Dawn is a joy. She takes whatever straw I can put together (notes on what I want to say) and spins it into gold 🙂 Having her on your side makes it easy [...]

Getaway Reno / Tahoe – Meghan Burk, Reno / Tahoe, NV

“I’ve been working with Dawn-Renée for over 5 years and her commitment to our brand and diligence to meet strict deadlines continues to impress me and the company. If you’re looking for a dedicated contractor [...]

Design on Edge – Courtney Meredith, Reno, NV

As the owner of Design on Edge, I have had the incredible pleasure of working with Dawn-Renée in a variety of capacities for the last few years, both as an extension of our creative team [...]

Getaway Reno / Tahoe – Heidi Bethel, Reno / Tahoe, NV

Dawn-Renée is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her creative drive and attention to detail go beyond words ... literally. As an editor, she is quick to catch typos, spacing issues and font inconsistencies. She [...]

Getaway San Diego – Andy Seeley, San Diego, CA

“Dawn-Renée is priceless! Her work is efficient, fast, effortless, and always above and beyond. I value her beyond what I could ever pay her. You will too!” GETAWAY San Diego Magazine Andy Seeley, former publisher [...]

His Design Online – Jeff Sieh, Longview, TX

"Dawn-Renée has been a pleasure to work with, bringing her attention to detail to the projects that she has done for us. Her writing skills are top notch and has given us great ideas to [...]

Edible Art – Debbie Fontaine, Longview, TX

Thank you for the story you wrote about "Edible Art," in the July issue [of Piney Woods Live magazine]. You captured the heart and history of our company. Edible Art Debbie Fontaine, Owner

Piney Woods Live Magazine – Andrea Johnson, Longview, TX

"She is one of the most detail-oriented and deadline attentive people I know. Her planning process and story ideas are amazing and she is always available at the drop of a hat. I was impressed [...]

What Works Coaching – Diane Hansen, Carson City, NV

Content development used to be the core of my business. However, as my company has grown more toward marketing, advertising and consulting, I discovered a need for quality copywriting and content creation. Dawn-Renée is the [...]

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Why You Need to Care about Your Website Content

Why should you care about the words that go on your website? Fair question. I mean, it’s just words, right? People come to your site to find out more about you and your business so you tell them. But what do you tell them about you? More importantly, how do you tell them about you? […]

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