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Why should you care about the words that go on your website?

Fair question. I mean, it’s just words, right? People come to your site to find out more about you and your business so you tell them.

But what do you tell them about you?

More importantly, how do you tell them about you?

If we look at your website right now, what does it say?

Are there a lot of “I”, “we” and “our” statements instead of “you” and “your” statements?

Do you ever ask your reader what they need? What solutions they are looking for?

If the answer is “yes, I talk a lot about me and my business” and “no, I don’t ask what their needs are,” then you should care about your website content.


Because your readers will be turned off and turned away. (Basically the last thing you want to happen.)

Your site needs to attract and hold attention, and compel your visitor to take action. If all they see and read is a bunch of content about you, they’ll think, “Oh, okay, that’s great. But what can you do for ME? How can you solve MY problem?”

Here are some great examples of what this website calls “self-centered copy.”

Do you think your readers will stay on your page or take any action to work with you or purchase your products and services if you make no effort to connect with their needs?

Check out this article from The Crazy Egg about how you have to capture your reader’s attention within the first 59 seconds:

How long do visitors stay on your website before clicking away?

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stick around less than 59 seconds. So, if you don’t capture the user’s attention in less than a minute, you’ve lost them.

I’ve dubbed this “the 59 Second Rule.”

Basically, if you haven’t generated interest in 59 seconds then you probably aren’t going to.

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So if you’re noticing your analytics show a high bounce off rate and you’re not getting any action from your site (email signups, products or services purchased, etc.), maybe it’s because of your website content.

Take a look at your website right now. If it’s not addressing your readers directly, pointing out their needs, and offering them solutions, then let’s fix that today.

Contact me for a free, 30-minute consultation and let’s figure out what we can do to help you make a few simple changes to your website copy. You’ll keep your readers’ attention longer than a minute AND generate some new business!


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